Kaupoa Beach


Located on the west coast of Molokai, Kaupoa Beach is a picture perfect postcard beach with palm trees and gentle breezes for a classic Hawaiian beach experience. Kaupoa Beach consists of two crescents of fine white sand divided by a rock outcropping. The water is typically very clear and blue, and swimming and snorkeling aregood during the summer months when the water is
generally calm. Lava rock tidepools also provide fun and interesting places to explore and see a variety of marine

Great For

Snorkeling and swimming are good here only when water is calm.


Palm trees provide plenty of shade to relax and enjoy this beautiful beach.

Need to Know

Never go in the water during times of high surf or rough water as the conditions can be very hazardous. The ocean floor slopes rather quickly into the sea so beginning swimmers should only swim when the water is calm and always stay close to shore.






Kaupoa Beach is located on Kaupoa Beach Road in western Molokai.

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