Hawaii Spas

Spas In Hawaii

Banana-coconut scrubs, pineapple body polishes, ti leaf wraps, and lomilomi massage are just some of the lavish treats awaiting you at the luxury spas in Hawaii.

One of the most popular spa treatments is the lomilomi massage. Authentically Hawaiian, this very spiritual massage uses long, rhythmic strokes and was an important part of ancient Hawaiian culture.

Many of the treatments feature local ingredients, such as sugar, coffee, honey and macadamia nut oil from Maui. Try the ultimate in relaxation, the Lomilomi Pohaku (stone) massage, a lomilomi massage where the massage therapist uses steamed lava stones to rub rich avocado and olive oil into your skin. Or delight in the Lokelani Facial, where fresh petals and essential oils of rose will leave you radiant.

Spas In Paradise
The Pohaku Lomi massage is the ultimate in relaxation

Popular Hawaii Spa Treatments:


This deep foot massage uses shiatsu techniques to relieve irritation caused by inflammation around soft tissues and joints.

Clay Body Masque

After exfoliating the skin, the body is painted with a clay masque blended with essential oils and aloe to detoxify and hydrate.

Hawaiian Salt Glo Scrub

Polynesian Body Glo with native island red clay from Mount Wai`ale`ale, kukui nut oil and island sea salts that are massaged onto the skin to exfoliate, detoxify and soften the skin.

Healing Drop Therapy

Essential oils are used to stimulate the nervous system with very light strokes.

Honey Ginger Body Masque

This treatment begins with a ginger body polish, followed by a Hawaiian honey and ginger body masque. Warm bath sheets allow the nutrients to be absorbed.

Kahakai (Beach) Massage

Clients will also enjoy the tranquil, soothing sounds of the ocean waves as they experience a massage in a peaceful, relaxing beachside cabana setting.

Limu Awapuhi Wrap

This treatment begins with herbal, citrus scrub, followed by a mask of blended sea enzymes, ginger, and green tea to relieve muscular aches. It ends with a hydrating massage.

Lomilomi Massage

This traditional form of Hawaiian massage employs broad, flowing, rhythmic strokes with a generous portion of aloha to relax the body and nurture the spirit.

Lomiiwi Massage

Lomilomi massage techniques are used along with local herb-soaked hot towels for this treatment.

Plush Papaya Body Polish and Massage

The body is first exfoliated and polished with Papaya Pineapple Body Scrub. The scrub includes aromatic ingredients such as grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera, as well as pineapple and papaya extract. The treatment’s finale is a nourishing 25-minute massage with Epicuren’s deep-penetrating Papaya Pineapple Lotion.

Pohaku Lomi Massage

This ancient Hawaiian art uses hot-rocks to massage and relieves sore, tight muscles.


This ancient Japanese method of hands-on healing relaxes the mind and body while improving the healing process.

Seaweed Body Masque

After a body polish, the skin is covered with a heated mineral-rich seaweed masque to detoxify and stimulate circulation.

Shiatsu Massage

This traditional Oriental technique uses the shi (finger) atsu (pressure) to stimulate and calm the body without oil.

Swedish Massage

Three basic strokes are used in this massage: long, kneading and circular. It reduces tension and soothes muscles.

Thai Massage

This massage manipulates the body by using unique positions for stretching and focuses on pressure points.

Go ahead, pamper yourself. We promise you’ll come away relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for more.