Hawaii Helicopter Crashes

Updated 2/12/2020

Hawaii Helicopter Crash
Heli USA is no longer operating in Hawaii (Photo Credit: Dennis Fujimoto, 2007)

Hawaii Helicopter Tour Accident Statistics

When researching Hawaii helicopter tours, safety is of the utmost importance. You don’t want to ruin your Hawaii vacation (and more importantly lose your life) because you chose a helicopter company that didn’t put safety first.

Aloha Hawaii does not guarantee the safety of any helicopter tour, but when we take a Hawaii helicopter ride, we definitely take into strong consideration a companies past tour operating history.

The following Hawaii helicopter crash statistics are provided by NSTB (National Transportation Safety Board). Companies WITH and WITHOUT crashes are represented. Companies no longer doing tours are not included.

Note: These accident statistics are for helicopter tours only. Commercial work is much riskier and these types of accidents are not included.

Alex Air

Islands Served: Maui

AccidentsNTSB Report # Damage Injuries/Death
10/11/1995LAX96LA009Substantial4 Minor Injuries

Air Maui (Aris, Inc.)

Islands Served: Maui

AccidentsNTSB Report #DamageInjuries/Death

Blue Hawaiian

Islands Served: Maui, Kauai, Big Island & Oahu

AccidentsNTSB Report #DamageInjuries/Death
07/21/2000LAX00MA273Substantial7 Fatal
07/08/2004LAX04LA256Substantial1 Minor
01/05/2006LAX06LA080Substantial2 Minor
11/16/2009Not Reported*MinorNone
11/10/2011WPR12MA034Substantial5 Fatal
1/17/2016 WPR16LA055Substantial4 Serious, 3 Minor

*No NTSB Record but reported in Maui News on 11/17/2009 with passenger’s Letter to Editor on 12/03/2009 describing engine failure and autorotation into a cane field.

Island Helicopters

Islands Served: Kauai

AccidentsNTSB Report #DamageInjuries/Death
06/06/1991LAX91LA248Substantial3 Serious, 1 Minor

Jack Harter Helicopters

Islands Served: Kauai

AccidentsNTSB Report #DamageInjuries/Death
07/23/2003LAX03FA241Substantial5 Fatal

Safari Helicopters

Islands Served: Kauai & Big Island

AccidentsNTSB Report #DamageInjuries/Death
12/26/2019ANC20MA010Substantial7 Fatal

Sunshine Helicopters

Islands Served: Maui, Big Island & Kauai

AccidentsNTSB Report #DamageInjuries/Death
01/10/2006LAX06LA072Substantial1 Serious
04/20/2007SEA07LA110Substantial1 Serious; 4 Minor
6/17/2014WPR14LA251Substantial7 Minor

Tropical & Paradise Helicopters (K&S Helicopters)

Islands Served: Big Island & Oahu

AccidentsNTSB Report #DamageInjuries/Death
09/29/2001LAX01FA306Substantial2 Minor
06/15/2003LAX03FA200Substantial4 Fatal
10/02/2006LAX07LA002Substantial2 Minor
02/07/2008SEA08FA071Substantial5 Minor
10/30/2018WPR19LA028Substantial4 Minor
4/16/2019WPR19LA111Substantial4 Minor

Novictor Aviation LLC

Islands Served: Oahu

AccidentsNTSB Report #DamageInjuries/Death
4/29/2019WPR19FA123Substantial3 Fatal

Magnum Helicopter

Islands Served: Oahu

AccidentsNTSB Report #DamageInjuries/Death
8/8/2018 WPR18LA221Substantial4 Minor