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Kekaha Beach Park

A beautiful, long stretch of white sand on southwestern Kauai, Kekaha Beach is great for a sunbathing or for a long walk on a seemingly endless beach. Kekaha is not the best swimming beach, however, because it is exposed to the open ocean with no protecting reef offshore. When strong longshore currents are running they can pull a person hundreds of yards down the beach in just minutes while rip currents can pull you toward the deeper ocean. Surfing and bodyboarding are popular activities for those who are experienced, and there are several surf breaks along the shoreline including the spots known as Rifle Range, Targets, and Whispering Sands. Just west of the beach park are some popular shore break surfing spots called First Ditch and Second Ditch. Shore fishing is also a common activity in this area.

Kekaha Beach Park
Kekaha Beach is a long luxurious white sand beach that stretches along the Mana coastal plain

Great For

Sunbathing, beach walks. Surfing, bodyboarding, fishing for those who are experienced. Swimming and snorkeling only when the water is very calm, and always stay very close to shore.


Kekaha Beach is a long luxurious white sand beach that stretches along the Mana coastal plain all the way to Polihale. The improved portion of Kekaha Beach Park which includes the park facilities is across the road from the beach.

Need to Know

Kekaha Beach is subject to dangerous shore break waves and strong ocean currents that make swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities hazardous. Some areas also have sharp coral so use caution when swimming. Always stay very close to shore and never go in the ocean during times of high surf or rough seas.

Kekaha Beach by Jamie Friedman




Restrooms, showers.


Kekaha Beach Park is reached by following Hwy. 50 west from Waimea town. Go left at the junction between Hwy. 50 and Kekaha Rd. The beach is located between Mile Markers 26 and 27.