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Secret Beach

Secret Beach
This long and pristine white sand beach is one of Kauai’s prettiest beaches

This long and pristine white sand beach is one of Kauai’s prettiest beaches with pristine waters bordered by steep cliffs. Adding to the very picturesque setting of this secluded beach are the scenic views of the north shore coastline including Kilauea Lighthouse as well as the rocky Mokuaeae islet which is the northernmost point in all of the Hawaiian Islands. Secret Beach has some rocky outcroppings along its beautiful expanse of soft, white sand, and the nearshore seafloor is mostly sandy though it drops off quite quickly to deeper waters. Along the western end of Secret Beach are some tidal lagoons where kids like to play. Getting to Secret Beach requires hiking a trail that leads from the parking area down to the beach and takes about ten minutes to walk.

Great For

Sunbathing, fishing, beachcombing. Swimming and only when water is very calm. Surfing for those who are experienced only.

Secret beach by Jamie Friedman


Large dolphin pods often visit Secret Beach in the very early morning, lingering offshore where they may be resting after a night of feeding in the nearby waters. Along the red and black rock cliffs of Secret Beach are small waterfalls and lush plant growth including taro.

Need to Know

Secret Beach is subject to dangerous shore break waves as well as strong currents that can make swimming very hazardous. Only go in the water when it is very calm and stay very close to shore. Never go in the water during times of high surf or rough seas. During rainy weather, the trail down to the beach can be quite muddy and slippery so be sure to wear proper shoes.

How to get to Secret Beach

How to get to Secret Beach by Richard Dolbeare






Secret Beach is reached by following Hwy. 56 west from Kilauea for about 1/2-mile where you turn right on the first Kalihiwai Road. The road immediately makes a sharp turn to the left and then just a short distance ahead is an unmarked dirt road on the right which leads down to a parking area at the trailhead which leads down to the western end of Secret Beach.