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Kahemano Beach

This long, winding beach on east Lanai is frequented by local fishermen though it is not a great swimming beach because of the shallow, rocky ocean floor. The sand includes a mixture of coral rubble. Kiawe trees overhanging the right side of the beach provide some shade.

Great For

Fishing, sunbathing, beachcombing, exploring.


Kahemano Beach provides great shore and reef fishing including such sought after large reef fish as ulua. Just mauka (toward the mountains) from Kahemano Beach is the Awehi Trail, a local landmark that is also a popular mountain biking trail.

Need to Know

Reef sharks inhabit channels in the narrow offshore reef giving the beach its name which means “school of sharks.” A fishing license is required to fish at Kahemano. See how to get a fishing license.






A 4-wheel-drive vehicle is needed to traverse Keomuku Road leading to this beach. Several four-wheel-drive trails lead to the beach from Keomuku Road. Located in Lanai City, Lanai.