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Keomuku Beach

This remote northeast Lanai beach is six miles long and protected by a wide offshore reef that is one of Hawaii’s longest fringing reefs. Keomuku Beach is very remote and secluded and is actually a series of cobblestone and black sand beaches with clear blue water. The beaches are mostly rocky though there are some nice patches of sand to relax on.

Great For

Sunbathing, picnics, fishing, beachcombing, swimming (only when the sea is calm).


The ruins of two ancient Hawaiian fishponds can be seen along this shoreline. Nearby Keomuku Road is the longest coastal road on Lanai. This unpaved road provides great mountain biking. Nearby you will see the ghost town of Keomuku. This area was once a thriving agricultural center when the Maunalei Sugar Company was in operation. The plantation closed in 1901 after the water turned salty. Later this area was used for cattle and sheep ranching which ended in the 1950s and the remaining residents of the town moved to Lanai City.

Need to Know

Swimming usually is not so good at Keomuku due to the strong tradewinds and often cloudy water. A 4-wheel-drive vehicle is required to get to this beach.






Keomuku Beach is located northeast of Lanai City near Keomuku Village, an old and abandoned village that is now a ghost town except for the restored Malamalama Church.