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Lopa Beach

In addition to a lovely, long white-sand beach, this somewhat secluded and remote area of east Lanai is designated as a bird sanctuary and is the site of the Loko Lapa Fishpond dating to ancient times. Unfortunately, Lopa Beach is not a good swimming beach due to the ocean currents and topography of the seafloor which is rocky and shallow. Swimmers should only venture in the water when there is no surf and even then should stay very close to shore due to the possibility of strong currents. and hazardous ocean conditions.

Lopa Beach Lanai, Hawaii by Jezel Hcoitna

Great For

Fishing, surfing (experienced only), beach walking, sunbathing.


It’s fun to watch the local fishermen who come to Shark’s Bay very often to try their luck at catching a fresh Hawaiian-style dinner. Lopa Beach also has scenic views of western Maui and Kahoolawe.

Need to Know

Lopa is a favorite spot for experienced surfers when the swell is right. Less experienced surfers and recreational swimmers should go to a gentler beach without strong currents.






Lopa Beach is located in eastern Lanai just south of Kikoa Point. To access Lopa Beach take one of the four-wheel-drive roads that branch off Keomuku Road from Lanai City.