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Naha Beach

This east Lanai beach is not a great swimming beach due to its shallow and rocky ocean bottom though there are a few pockets of sand that allow you to enjoy the water. Most visitors to Naha are fishermen, and indeed this area was once the site of a fishing village. Also located at Naha are the ruins of an ancient Hawaiian fishpond, and the beach is surrounded by kiawe trees. Naha is the site of an ancient fishpond, one of four on Lanai, and the fishpond walls can still be seen at Naha just to the south of the beach. Nearby is the former fishing village also called Naha.

Great For

Fishing, sunbathing, beachcombing, exploring, surfing.


Great reef and shore fishing make Naha a favorite place to try your hand at catching something. There is also great spearfishing and lobster catching. Local surfers enjoy the breaking waves at Naha when an east swell is running. The waves tend to be fairly gentle providing good conditions for beginning surfers.

Need to Know

Strong offshore currents often flow by Naha Beach and thus recreational swimmers should avoid venturing away from the shoreline.






A 4-wheel-drive vehicle is recommended to traverse the bumpy dirt road leading to Naha Beach from Lanai City.