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Polihua Beach

Polihua Beach
Polihua Beach is Lanai’s longest white-sand beach

This long and wide white-sand beach stretches for more than 1.5 miles along Lanai’s northwest coastline providing a nice view of the island of Molokai. If you squint you can even see Diamond Head on Oahu. Polihua is a wonderful beach for a walk or even a picnic (if the winds aren’t blowing too strong). Since there is no protective offshore reef, however, swimming is not recommended. Polihua means “egg nest” referring to the Hawaiian green sea turtles known to nest here. The beach features vast sand dunes shaped by the winds and despite the lack of good swimming, many appreciate the remote beauty of this location.

Great For

Sunbathing, beach walks, exploring, picnics. These activities are best done earlier in the day as the afternoons are frequently very windy and this can blow sand around.


Polihua Beach is Lanai’s longest white-sand beach! This is also a great humpback whale watching beach during the winter months when they often come very near to this coastline.

Need to Know

Strong ocean currents often run just offshore at Polihua even when the ocean appears placid. That fact along with the shape of the seafloor topography (which drops off sharply) and the lack of lifeguards make this a potentially hazardous swimming area. Recreational swimmers should visit a safer Lanai beach and only appreciate Polihua for its remote unspoiled nature and scenic views.

Polihua Beach on Lana’i by alexondravacation






A 4-wheel-drive vehicle is required to traverse the rough, four-mile-long unpaved road to Polihua from Lanai City. From the Garden of the Gods go makai (seaward). From the parking spot, it is a short hike.