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Ho’okipa Beach Park

One of the world’s best windsurfing beaches, Hookipa is also a favorite hangout for kitesurfers and surfers as well as other water sports enthusiasts. The sandy beach and scenic rocky shoreline provide a nice place to relax when the winds aren’t blowing too strong. A coral reef offshore provides some protection near the beach making for terrific swimming conditions, particularly in the early mornings when the water is typically calmer than in the afternoons. Morning is also usually the best time for surfing at this very popular surfing beach. Swimming and snorkeling are excellent when the water is calm, which is mostly during the summer months.

Ho’okipa Beach Park by Matt Holton

Great For

Sunbathing, watching ocean sports. Windsurfing and surfing for experts. Swimming and snorkeling when water is calm.


Afternoons are the best time to watch the professional windsurfers ride the waves of Hookipa and put on spectacular aerial displays, particularly during the big waves of winter. Two major world-class windsurfing competitions are held at Hookipa each year as well as surfing competitions. An overlook along this cliff-lined beach provides good viewing. Swimming and snorkeling can be good when the surf is not large as there is a large coral reef offshore which provides some protection from the open sea.

Ho'okipa Beach Park
At Ho’okipa Beach, swimming and snorkeling can be good when the surf is not large

Need to Know

The waves can be large at Hookipa, with strong currents and surges in addition to the strong winds. Only those who are very experienced should attempt to windsurf Hookipa. Dangerous currents can form and there are only two narrow entrances to the water so swimming here is not recommended for beginners. Swimmers should stay near shore, and stay out of the water during times of high surf and rough ocean conditions.

Great For

Sunbathing, people watching and watching the pros windsurf. Experts enjoy windsurfing, kitesurfing, and surfing on the large powerful waves. Fishing can also be good in this area.




Restrooms, showers, picnic pavilions, two parking.


Located along the Hana Highway at Mile #9 in Paia.