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Koki Beach

This picturesque red sand beach is located just to the south of Hana town on Maui’s southeastern coastline. Experienced surfers appreciate the waves at Koki though it is not a great swimming beach for beginners. The ocean slopes gently to the sea and does not get overhead for several hundred feet, yet the conditions may be hazardous because the beach is unprotected from the open ocean. Ironwood trees near the beach provide plenty of shady areas. Less than one-half-mile offshore is the 150-foot-high Alau Island which is a seabird sanctuary with coconut palms growing on top.

Koki Beach by To-Hawaii

Great For

Sunbathing. relaxing. Surfing and bodyboarding for those who are experienced only. Swimming is only good at Koki when the water is very calm—always stay close to shore.


The red sand and red cliffs and the rocky shoreline at Koki make for a very picturesque setting, and there is a nice grassy area that is great for picnics. The nearby eroded red cinder hill is called Ka Iwi o Pele. The beach is at the southern edge of this cinder hill which extends out into the sea. An overlook above Koki Beach provides a nice view of Alau Island as well as a sea arch to the left along the rocky coastline.

Koki Beach
The red sand and red cliffs and the rocky shoreline at Koki make for a very picturesque setting

Need to Know

Mornings are usually calmer at Koki Beach. Offshore currents (rip currents) often form at Koki creating hazardous conditions for swimmers. The currents tend to run along the shoreline from right to left and then out past the rocks, potentially carrying swimmers out to the open sea. Recreational swimmers should find a more protected beach. The shoreline to the north is a cinder hill with loose material and should be avoided by hikers.


Picnic tables, barbecue grills.




Located off the South Hana Hwy. near Hana town on Maui’s eastern coastline. Follow the Hana Hwy. past Hana and turn left on Haneoo Road. The first beach on the left is Koki Beach and farther along the road is Hamoa Beach.