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Dixie Maru Cove

Dixie Maru Cove
This beach was named after the Japanese sailboat, Dixie Maru, that wrecked offshore

This southwestern Molokai beach is located at the head of a small bay surrounded by outcroppings of lava on Kapukahehu Bay. The small crescent of white sand of Dixie Maru Cove is relatively well protected from the open sea by a fringing coral reef. This beach was named after the Japanese sailboat called Dixie Maru that wrecked offshore of this beach in the 1920s. The ship’s nameplate washed up on this beach where it was hung and then ended up becoming the modern name of the beach. Snorkeling is best during the summer months when the water tends to be calmer than in winter.

Great For

Snorkeling and swimming during times of calm water, and picnics.


Local families often enjoy picnics at Dixie Maru Cove which is considered one of Molokai’s safest swimming beaches. Dixie Maru is located not far from the larger Papohaku Beach.

Need to Know

Tidepools at the outer point of the cove are fun for exploring but wearing water shoes is recommended due to the sharp lava rocks.






Dixie Maru Cove is located at the end of Kaluakoi Road in Maunaloa in southwestern Molokai.