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Kepuhi Beach

Kepuhi Beach
This beach is quite picturesque and a great place for a picnic

This long and wide sandy beach along Molokai’s western coast is the main beach for the Kaluakoi Resort. The shoreline is a mixture of sand and rock. While summer waters at Kepuhi can be quite pleasant it isn’t the best swimming beach due to the rocky seascape. Despite less than ideal swimming conditions, however, this beach is quite picturesque and a great place for a picnic.

Great For

Sunbathing, beachcombing, picnics. Swimming, diving, and snorkeling should only be done when the water is very calm, usually during the summer months. Surfing and bodyboarding can be good here when the waves are moderate. When the waves are large only experienced surfers should enter the water.


Kepuhi Beach provides scenic ocean views and beautiful sunsets.

Need to Know

Kepuhi Beach is subject to strong ocean currents that can create hazardous conditions. Do not enter the water when there are treacherous shore break waves. At times the beach’s sand is mostly washed away due to big waves, and this leaves only a rocky beach.

Kepuhi Beach Molokai by Molokai




Showers. No restrooms.


From Hoolehua Airport follow Hwy. 460 west to Kaluakoi Rd. where you turn right and follow signs leading to Kaluakoi Resort. After you park you can reach the beach by walking through the resort area. Located in Maunaloa, Molokai.