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Hukilau Beach

Hukilau Beach (Laie Beach)
Less than one mile up the beach, if the water is very calm, you can walk out to the Goat Island beach

This is a lovely, scenic beach between Laie and Kalani Points with fairly calm water when the surf is not too large. However, there isn’t much shade at this beach. The beach is located at the town of Laie on Oahu’s northeastern coast and most of the visitors to this beach are students of Brigham Young University. The Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie was founded by the Mormon Church and is staffed with students of Brigham Young. The beach’s name comes from a time when Mormon Church members gathered here for a weekly hukilau which involved catching fish in a big net (huki means “to pull” and lau means “net”).

Hawaii Sunrise at Hukilau Beach on Laie, O’ahu by JAwebcom

Great For

Sunbathing, swimming when the surf is not too large.


Scenic offshore islets include Goat Island (Mokuauia) and Pulemoku. Walking less than one mile up the beach brings you to the beach’s nearest point to Goat Island and from here, only if the water is very calm, you can walk out to the Goat Island beach. According to Hawaiian legend, Mokuauia is said to be part of a lizard (moku).

Need to Know

The right side of the beach is best for swimming because it is partially protected by a coral reef. Swimming is not recommended during the winter months when there may be high surf and strong currents. The beach is closed on Sundays.