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Kuhio Beach Park

The Kapahulu Groin is a storm drain that extends out into the ocean at the eastern end of Kuhio Beach Park. From the Kapahulu Groin, a breakwater extends parallel to the beach for more than 1,000 feet providing a safe area where onlookers can see the local bodyboarders riding waves perilously close to the wall. The park is named after Hawaii’s Prince Kuhio who once had a home fronting this beach. The home was torn down in 1936.

Kuhio Beach Waikiki Hula show by Tricia Keffer

Great For

Swimming, bodyboarding, surfing, sunbathing, people watching.


The numerous pavilions along the sidewalk near the beach make Kuhio Beach Park popular as a gathering place. Many of the locals like to play cribbage and chess here. Fronting the beach is a bronze statue of the renowned Hawaiian surfer and Olympic champion swimmer Duke Kahanamoku and nearby is a statue of the beach’s namesake, Prince Kuhio.

Kuhio Beach Park
The park is named after Hawaii’s Prince Kuhio who once had a home fronting this beach

Need To Know

Beware of deep holes in the sandy bottom of this beach. Also, don’t be fooled by how easy the local bodyboarders make it look when they ride the waves close to the wall and then veer away at the last second. This can be dangerous and should not be attempted by beginners.


A lifeguard tower is located at Central Waikiki Beach near the Waikiki Police substation.


Restrooms, showers, and food concessions are located at numerous spots along the beach on Kalakaua Avenue.


Along Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki.