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Lanikai Kayaking

Lanikai Kayaking – Paddling Adventure to the Twin Islands

“Nice” is an understatement when describing Lanikai Beach, located on the Windward side of Oahu in Kailua. Not only does the beach seem postcard-perfect—it truly is.

kayaking off of lanikai beach
Visitors to Lanikai can kayak to the nearby Twin islands Photo by: Hawaii Tourism Authority / Tor Johnson

A long strip of sparkling sand, palm trees swaying from side to side, lush tropical plants, endless sunshine, and the deep turquoise/green water make Lanikai one of the most scenic beaches in Hawaii. Lanikai is considered by many Oahu residents to be the best swimming beach in the state. Not only is the water clear and not clouded by stream runoff, but the beach is also clean, wide and surf-free. The setting is picturesque, with palm trees lining the backshore and the nearby twin islands of Mokumanu and Mokulua offshore.


Visitors to Lanikai can kayak to the nearby twin islands, both noted bird sanctuaries. The larger of the two islands are very popular with boaters, kayakers, surfers, paddlers, and sailors. Its small beach is visited daily and especially on weekends and holidays, when people land, swim or picnic. The islands are a little less than a mile from the south end of Lanikai Beach. Do not attempt the crossing if you are not experienced in the ocean. The crossing is a long upwind and up-current swim for novice swimmers. The islands are located seaward of Lanikai Reef, where they are subject to high surf, especially during the winter months. Be careful walking on the windward sides of both islands.

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