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North Shore Oahu

Oahu’s north shore commonly referred to by locals as “The Country”

From turtles to shrimp trucks

North Shore Oahu is famous. Locals call it the country and would like to keep it that way. On the way to North shore, you can stop in historic Haleiwa town for a bite to eat or you can continue on to Laniakea beach to see the turtles.

Seaturtles laying on the beach is another one of Mauis destinations to see

Keep on driving and you will run into Waimea Bay. Waimea Bay is home to the annual Eddie Aikau big wave invitational. It’s common to see bumper stickers on North Shore that say, “Eddie would go”. This saying is in reference to Eddie Aikau’s time as a lifeguard on the North Shore. It’s said that he saved 500 people while working on the North Shore.

The Roach Coach

North shore shrimp truck

After a long day at the beach. Many locals will head on over to the North Shore’s famous Shrimp trucks. Or as locals will call them, “Roach Coaches”. It doesn’t exactly sound like fine dining, but you will be surprised at how tasty the food is. Be prepared to wait in line as it’s a popular destination for both tourists and locals.