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Big time, big game fishing in Hawaii

Fishing in Kona's water
Big Game Fishing in Hawaii

For many big-game fishing enthusiasts, Hawaii is where mere “fishing tales” can turn into wall-mounting realities. It’s where you can take on thousand-pound marlins, hook up with yellow-fin tuna and, of course, share stories of the big ones that got away.

Where to Go?

Sportfishing adventures are available on every Hawaiian island, but Kona Sports fishing on the Big Island is the premier destination in all of Hawaii. The quality of the “big game” here, many experts agree, is simply unparalleled.


There are three types of marlin roaming Hawaiian waters: black, blue and striped. Other fish to be caught here include ahi (yellow-fin tuna), ono (wahoo), mahimahi (dolphin fish) and other billfish. The striped marlin is considered a wintertime inhabitant, but the rest of the fish are year-round Hawaii residents.

Black Marlin jumping in Kona
Black Marlin

Fishing in Kona

Kailua-Kona on the Big Island offers the best big game fishing in the state. Learn more

Landing an Ahi off the coast of Kona. Video by Shaka Fishing