Hawaii Surf Lessons

Every day, people learn to surf in Hawaii!

Surfing is available to all comers. Every day, there are people in Hawaii—locals as well as visitors—who are learning how to surf. “Surfing is relatively easy to learn,” says one surf instructor. “Every student’s a little different. This one kid I had—he was only six years old—he rode his very first wave almost to shore. It was amazing.”

2 paddle boarders playing in the ocean of Waikiki Beach
Learn to Surf in Waikiki

Private Surf Lessons

Private surfing lessons for all skill levels (beginning, intermediate and advanced) are available throughout the Islands. The most popular, by far, is Waikiki surf lessons. Prices and session lengths vary—there are both hourly and daylong lessons—but all usually provide everything you need to ride your first wave. Special attention is paid to water safety, and the beaches used for instruction have gentle waves that are ideal for beginners. Other topics covered include paddling out, board handling, standing techniques, stance, and etiquette.

Did You Know?

The ancient Hawaiians called surfing “he’e nalu,” which translates to “wave sliding.” In those days, only high-ranking alii (chiefs) had access to the best surf spots.

Best Places to Learn to Surf in Hawaii