Hawaii Whale Watching Tips

10 Hawaii Whale Watching Tips

Maui Whale Watching
Humpback Whales Delight Island Visitors with Thrilling Breaches

Hawaii whale watching tips for an enjoyable experience:

  1. Families with small children should choose a company with a larger boat that has railings.
  2. Make sure and bring a jacket along with you, as the ocean winds and ocean spray can sometimes create chilly conditions.
  3. If you bring a camera, bring extra batteries.
  4. Don’t arrive late. There may be some preparation required and captains need everyone to be on time and onboard so the tour is not delayed.
  5. Go with a company that offers “guaranteed Humpback Whale sightings.”
  6. Get a chart of whale behaviors and see how many you can identify during your whale watching tour.
  7. Look for spinner dolphins. The dolphins often ride in the bow waves of the boats making for an exciting view.
  8. If you want to make sure you hear humpback songs check with the tour company to make sure their craft has hydrophones to broadcast the sounds.
  9. If you are prone to seasickness bring some seasickness medicine and don’t eat before the tour.
  10. Be patient as you scan the horizon for signs of humpback whales, and maybe you will be the first one aboard to chime out, “Thar She Blows!”