Hawaii, even as the word rolls off your tongue, vivid images begin to form in your mind…

Lying on a secluded beach, your cares drifting away with the gentle ocean waves. Exploring lush tropical rain forests, immersing yourself in a thousand different shades of green. Scuba and snorkeling in crystal-clear waters, coming face to face with schools of rainbow-colored fish. Toast another day with a Mai Tai and catch another brilliant sunset.

At the end of all the hype, and way beyond the stereotypes, you will discover…

That Hawaii is quite simple; there’s land, there’s water and there are people. What is special is that these elements found each other in the most remote corner on earth…blessed with beautiful weather. Dive into this website — a Hawaii travel guide — and learn more about these extraordinary islands they call Hawaii.

There are eight main islands: Oahu, the Big Island of Hawaii, MauiKauaiLanai, and Molokai.

Nicknamed “The Aloha State” Hawaii is a string of 137 islands encompassing a land area of 6,422 square miles in the north-central Pacific Ocean (2,400 miles from the west coast of the continental United States.

How the Hawaiian islands and the spirit of aloha came to be.

Geologists believe that the Hawaiian Islands were formed millions of years ago, born of earth, wind, and fire. More than a thousand years ago, Polynesian voyagers arrived on Hawaiian shores bringing to life the spirit of aloha (showing love, kindness, and compassion). Since then, many pages have been turned in Hawaii’s history—from Western contact and the Hawaiian monarchy to the plantation era and Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor—but the aloha spirit has endured. It remains a living personification of the very best of Hawaii and its people.

Things to do in Hawaii are plentiful.

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Hawaii Destinations are as much about the journey.

Places to Stay in Hawaii for every lifestyle and budget.

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