Waioli Beach Park

familyLocated at about the midpoint of the two-mile-long, crescent-shaped Hanalei Bay, Waioli Beach Park is a popular gathering place with a wide, white-sand beach and fronted by a large grassy lawn and plenty of shady areas for relaxing. The waves are often good for surfing along this stretch of beach and the main surfing area […]

Shipwreck Beach

familyThis 1/2 mile-long white sand beach on Kauai’s south side is named after a wooden boat wreck that graced the shoreline for many years before it was finally destroyed and buried by Hurricane Iwa in 1982. Shipwreck Beach is known as a good bodyboarding beach and also frequented by surfers though the conditions are typically […]

Salt Pond Beach Park

familyLocated in a relatively well-protected cove on Kauai’s western shore, Salt Pond Beach is a crescent beach set between two rock outcroppings connected by a natural lava rock ridge that creates a small lagoon. This lagoon provides a nice swimming area for very small children. The beach has reddish-golden sand and is frequented by local […]

Rock Quarry Beach

familyRock Quarry Beach is a popular local surfing beach located on Kauai’s north shore within a somewhat protected bay. The Kilauea stream empties into this bay. A large sandbar formed by the mouth of the Kilauea River creates a calm area, however, the bay itself is not protected by any offshore reef so it is […]

Puu Poa Beach

familyFronting Princeville’s elegant St. Regis hotel on the north shore, Puu Poa Beach has nice white sand and shallow offshore waters that are protected by a coral reef. Swimming and snorkeling are good in these shallow waters where you can find some nice sandy spots, but avoid the water during winter swells and times of […]

Poipu Beach

familyThis relatively safe swimming beach on Kauai’s sunny south shore is one of the island’s most popular beaches. The beach is about 3 miles long and 100 feet wide providing plenty of room for tourists as well as many locals who come to Poipu to enjoy the sparkling white sand beach and ride the waves […]

Nukolii Beach Park

familyAlso called Kawailoa Beach and sometimes Kauai Beach, this two-mile stretch of white sand beach is the longest beach on the east shore of Kauai. The nearshore waters are shallow and somewhat rocky providing only fair swimming. Snorkeling and scuba diving can be excellent when the water is calm. Fishing is also good in this […]

Mahaulepu Beach

familyConsidered a living museum and heritage site, Mahaulepu is a scenic, secluded beach that is a great day hike on Kauai’s south shore. This area is home to many endangered Hawaiian species and is also very important in Hawaii’s history and culture. A great deal of scientific research has occurred here including excavations of ancient species […]

Lydgate Beach

familyA very safe and protected east shore beach, Lydgate Beach is nice for families with kids. With nice swimming and snorkeling areas as well as a wonderful community playground nearby, Lydgate is one of Kauai’s most popular beach parks. The long, white sand beach features a large protected area which is the result of the […]

Lawai Beach

familyA relatively narrow and small, sandy beach, Lawai Beach Park can sometimes disappear altogether when big waves pound the shore but when the water is calm this is a lovely beach and also one of the south shore’s best snorkeling spots. Lawai Beach is sometimes called Beach House because it is located right next to […]

Kekaha Beach Park

familyA beautiful, long stretch of white sand on southwestern Kauai, Kekaha Beach is great for a sunbathing or for a long walk on a seemingly endless beach. Kekaha is not the best swimming beach, however, because it is exposed to the open ocean with no protecting reef offshore. When strong longshore currents are running they […]

Kealia Beach

familyThis sparkling white sand beach located along Hwy. 56 in Kapaa on Kauai’s eastern shore is popular among local surfers and bodyboarders though the conditions can be challenging for beginners. Kealia Beach is about 1/2-mile long and about 150 feet wide, providing lots of room for relaxing and sunbathing. The north end of the beach […]

Kalihiwai Beach

familyWarning: This beach is popular with locals. Have respect. Located on scenic Kalihiwai Bay on Kauai’s north shore near Kilauea town, Kalihiwai Beach offers calm water for swimming during the summer months and is a popular surfing beach during winter. The beach area is bordered by lava cliffs while ironwood trees along the shore provide […]

Kalapaki Beach

familyThis lovely crescent of white sand slopes gently into the water making it a great swimming beach that is well visited by locals as well as tourists. About 1/3-mile long and quite wide, Kalapaki Beach fronts the Kauai Marriott Resort & Beach Club and is located in a somewhat protected cove that opens to Nawiliwili […]

Hanalei Beach Park Pavilion

familyHanalei Bay is a beautiful 2-mile long crescent of white sand nestled beneath a beautiful range of mountains lined with waterfalls. Hanalei Beach Park Pavilion is the next beach over from the pier and is fronted by a large grass lawn. There is a lifeguard station at this beach and the waters are usually safe […]

Haena Beach Park

familyScenic Popular North Shore Beach – Gateway to Na Pali This scenic and popular north shore beach has white sand, nice mountain views, pristine aquamarine water, and a large grassy area fronting the beach. Trees provide plenty of shady places to relax and there are picnic tables and full facilities for camping. Haena Beach isn’t […]

Black Pot Beach Park

familyA popular local gathering place, Black Pot park is often filled with Kauai families on the weekend. They set up tents and tarps for their picnic areas, fire up the barbecues, and spend the weekend enjoying the beach and enjoying each other’s company. The large grass lawn fronting the beach at Black Pot has plenty […]

Anini Beach

familyLocated on Kauai’s beautiful north shore, 3-mile-long Anini Beach is a protected and safe beach for children. A fringing reef runs offshore along this whole stretch of coastline providing a beautiful stretch of pristine blue water. Kamani trees line the shoreline providing plenty of shady areas. Anini Beach is a great spot for beginning windsurfers […]

Anahola Beach Park

familyA protective offshore reef makes Anahola Beach good for swimming except during times of high surf. The white sandy beach is about .5 miles long and surrounded by ironwood trees that provide plenty of shady areas for relaxing. The reef provides good snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities and the nearshore waters have some good pockets […]

Pukoo Beach

familyPukoo Beach consists of two beaches with the one on the east having clear blue water and a sandy seafloor, while the water at the western beach is sometimes a bit cloudy. A coral reef offshore provides good snorkeling opportunities. Great For Swimming and snorkeling are good here when the sea is calm. Highlights Scenic […]

Pohaku Mauliuli Beach

familyLocated along Molokai’s western shore, two separate beaches here include one that has more sand and is somewhat secluded and one that is fronted by tidepools. A small bluff separates these two beaches along this rocky and sandy shoreline. The beach is next to a large cinder cone called Pohaku Mauliuli (Black Rock). Because this […]

Honouli Wai Bay

familyThough it has less sand than nearby Honouli Maloo, Honouli Wai Bay also provides some good swimming and snorkeling opportunities. Located along Hwy. 450 in eastern Molokai, this small sandy beach can be great for snorkeling when the water is calm. Great For Swimming, diving, and snorkeling when the water is calm. Windsurfing and kitesurfing […]

Honouli Maloo Beach

familyThis partially protected bay on Molokai’s eastern coastline provides a nice sandy beach that is good for snorkeling and swimming. Honouli Maloo Bay is located between Sandy Beach and Murphy’s Beach and is known as a good surfing beach. Great For Snorkeling, swimming, surfing, and diving are good here but only when the ocean is […]

Murphy’s Beach

familyAn offshore reef provides protection for this coconut palm-lined beach along Molokai’s eastern coastline. The shallow and crystal clear nearshore waters are nice for wading, snorkeling and swimming when the sea is calm but should be should not be entered during times of high surf. The beach is sandy with some rocky areas. Great For […]

Moomomi Beach

familyThis important Hawaiian cultural area is situated on the northwestern coastline of Molokai and includes three separate beach areas known as Kawaaloa, Keonelele, and Moomomi. The region is managed by the Nature Conservancy of Hawaii which offers informational guided tours. The small white-sand beach is on the east corner of the bay. The nearshore waters […]

Kepuhi Beach

familyThis long and wide sandy beach along Molokai’s western coast is the main beach for the Kaluakoi Resort. The shoreline is a mixture of sand and rock. While summer waters at Kepuhi can be quite pleasant it isn’t the best swimming beach due to the rocky seascape. Despite less than ideal swimming conditions, however, this […]

Kaupoa Beach

familyLocated on the west coast of Molokai, Kaupoa Beach is a picture-perfect postcard beach with palm trees and gentle breezes for a classic Hawaiian beach experience. Kaupoa Beach consists of two crescents of fine white sand divided by a rock outcropping. The water is typically very clear and blue, and swimming and snorkeling are good […]

Kakahaia Beach Park

familyLocated on the south coast of Molokai, Kakahaia is a 42-acre beach park nice for birdwatching or picnicking though not a good swimming beach due to the rocky, shallow seafloor. Fishermen also frequent this beach which is part of a bird sanctuary and the Kakahaia National Wildlife Refuge. Great For Picnics, fishing, birdwatching. Highlights This […]

Hale O Lono Beach

familyThis small, south Molokai beach is popular among fisherman though is not great for snorkeling or swimming beach because the seafloor is somewhat rocky. The beach is long and narrow. Located nearby is Hale O Lono Harbor which is the starting point of the annual Molokai to Oahu Outrigger Canoe Race. Great For Fishing, whale […]

Halawa Beach Park

familyThe two nice swimming beaches called Kawili (on the right) and Kamalaea (on the left) are located in Halawa Bay along Molokai’s eastern shore. While Kawili is a bit rocky and more exposed, Kamaalaea is a pleasant curving beach with fine white sand (Halawa means “Curve”) that gently slopes into the sea. Halawa Beach Park […]

Dixie Maru Cove

familyThis southwestern Molokai beach is located at the head of a small bay surrounded by outcroppings of lava on Kapukahehu Bay. The small crescent of white sand of Dixie Maru Cove is relatively well protected from the open sea by a fringing coral reef. This beach was named after the Japanese sailboat called Dixie Maru […]

Manele Bay Beach

familyThis small yet charming white-sand beach on the south coast of Lanai is situated at the east end of beautiful Manele Bay, which also contains the island’s only public harbor and the place where you can take the ferry to Maui. The seafloor is mostly sand and gravel and the beach is surrounded by rocky […]

Keomuku Beach

familyThis remote northeast Lanai beach is six miles long and protected by a wide offshore reef that is one of Hawaii’s longest fringing reefs. Keomuku Beach is very remote and secluded and is actually a series of cobblestone and black sand beaches with clear blue water. The beaches are mostly rocky though there are some […]

Kahemano Beach

familyThis long, winding beach on east Lanai is frequented by local fishermen though it is not a great swimming beach because of the shallow, rocky ocean floor. The sand includes a mixture of coral rubble. Kiawe trees overhanging the right side of the beach provide some shade. Great For Fishing, sunbathing, beachcombing, exploring. Highlights Kahemano […]

Huawai Bay Beach

familyThis south Lanai beach isn’t very big but it is quite secluded, backed by sea cliffs. The salt-and-pepper sand borders numerous tidepool areas along a shelf of lava. The beach is surrounded by sea cliffs, and perched above Huawai Bay is the Challenge at Manele Golf Course that was designed by Jack Nicklaus. Huawai Bay […]

Shark’s Cove

familyThis white sandy cove is located adjacent to Shark’s Bay with the two being divided only by a rock outcropping. Shark’s Cove is a nice spot for quiet relaxation or a private picnic, but like Shark’s Bay, this isn’t the best swimming beach because the ocean floor is quite rocky and strong currents often flow […]

Shark’s Bay

familyThis sandy and relatively well-protected cove are bordered by lava rock. The red lava jutting out between Shark’s Bay and Hulopoe Beach provides nice views of Lanai’s seacoast in both directions, and about 150 feet offshore is a Puu Pehu, also known as Sweetheart Rock, jutting some 80 feet up from the ocean. Shark’s Bay […]

Waipio Beach

familyLocated along the Big Island’s scenic Hamakua Coast, Waipio Valley is the southernmost and largest of seven large valleys on the windward side of the Big Island’s Kohala Mountains. Waipio was home to Hawaiian royalty in ancient times and today the secluded beach is a great place to relax. Cliffs rise thousands of feet from […]

Laupahoehoe Point Park

familyThis beach park is situated on a peninsula of lava that just out from the northern coastline of the Big Island, creating a very scenic area that is well worth the drive off the main thoroughfare. A large lawn provides a nice place to relax. A plaque at Laupahoehoe Point Park memorializes the 24 people […]

Leleiwi Beach Park

familyLeleiwi Beach just southeast of Hilo includes several inlets, coves, and natural ponds as well as tidepools in the lava rocks. This beach is a popular snorkeling location due to the nearshore coral reef and the variety of marine life that can be seen here including Hawaiian green sea turtles and even spinner dolphins. Bodyboarders […]

Punaluu Beach

familyThis classic Hawaiian black sand beach includes a palm-lined freshwater fishpond. The jet black sand on the beach (true black, not gray or salt-and-pepper) was created when the molten lava from Kilauea Volcano flowed into the cool sea causing the lava to break apart into tiny fragments that later washed up on the beach. Plenty […]

Green Sand Beach

familyThis green sand beach near South Point, the southernmost tip of the island, is located in a small cove at the base of a huge cinder cone called Puu O Mahana. The striking green sand of Green Sand Beach, also called Mahana Beach and Papakolea Beach, is the result of olivine deposits in the nearby […]

Kamakahonu Beach

familyThis white sand beach is centrally located in downtown Kailua-Kona between Kailua Pier and King Kamehameha Hotel. “King Kam” Beach is family-friendly, frequented by young children who enjoy the calm and relatively well-protected waters and gentle wave action. There are also shady areas to relax, and the cove waters are popular among recreational swimmers. Locals […]

Aiopio Beach

familyThese two beaches are located not far from Kona town. Protected by a large offshore reef, Aiopio Beach is fun for kids who often play in the tidepools within the sandy inlet, and there are plenty of shady areas for relaxing. As part of the Kaloko-Honokohau National Historic Park, Aiopio Beach is rich in archaeological […]

Makalawena Beach

familyThis scenic Big Island beach is actually three crescent-shaped beaches along 3/4-mile of Kona coastline. There are plenty of shady trees and even a freshwater pool near the dunes that is great for washing off the saltwater. Bodyboarding and surfing are also popular at Makalawena Beach, though it is fairly remote and never crowded. The […]

Kikaua Point Beach

familyThis idyllic white-sand beach is backed by a pleasant grassy area and is one of the Big Island’s nicest beaches. Palm trees and lava rocks surround this family-friendly beach, and a protected inlet area has shallow water where kids often play. Great For Swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing. Highlights Views of Maui and Mauna Kea volcano add […]

Spencer Beach Park

familyThis attractive white sand beach on the Kona side of the Big Island is popular with kids due to the gently sloping sand and protective offshore reef that provides for safe swimming almost all year around. Spencer Beach Park is also one of the Big Island’s best beach parks for camping. Open grass lawn areas […]

Napili Beach

familyOne of Maui’s nicest swimming and snorkeling beaches, Napili Beach is known for its shimmering blue water and beautiful white sand. Located on Maui’s northwestern coast, Napili Bay is situated between two rocky points. The ocean bottom is sandy though it gets deep relatively quickly. A strong shore break during the winter months provides waves […]

Koki Beach

familyThis picturesque red sand beach is located just to the south of Hana town on Maui’s southeastern coastline. Experienced surfers appreciate the waves at Koki though it is not a great swimming beach for beginners. The ocean slopes gently to the sea and does not get overhead for several hundred feet, yet the conditions may […]

Ho’okipa Beach Park

familyOne of the world’s best windsurfing beaches, Hookipa is also a favorite hangout for kitesurfers and surfers as well as other water sports enthusiasts. The sandy beach and scenic rocky shoreline provide a nice place to relax when the winds aren’t blowing too strong. A coral reef offshore provides some protection near the beach making […]

Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge

familyLocated on Maui’s south-central coastline, this scenic wetland area encompasses about 700 acres and is home to a variety of Hawaiian waterbirds including the black-necked stilt and Hawaiian coot. The Refuge is the site of habitat restoration projects as well as local environmental education, bird watching, photography, and other wildlife-oriented activities. The Reserve was established […]

Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area

familyRemote and beautiful, this cool and misty high-country park provides wonderful mountain hikes through forests of cypress, ash, eucalyptus, sequoia, redwood, cedar, and pine trees with many scenic views. Located upland of Kula, Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area is set an elevation of 6,200 feet and includes the ten acres of planned forest in the […]

Kaanapali Resort

familyKaanapali is a posh resort area in West Maui. Just a couple of miles up the coast from Lahaina is the posh resort area of Kaanapali with upscale high-rise hotels bordering a pristine, white-sand beach. The waters offshore of Kaanapali Beach are a favorite swimming area for humpback whales which are often seen during the […]

Kanaha Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

familySet in the shadow of the Haleakala Volcano and the West Maui Mountains, this lovely wildlife sanctuary in Kahului between the harbor and the airport was formerly a fishpond for the Hawaiian monarchy. According to legend the stone for the walls of Kanaha Pond was passed from hand-to-hand all the way to the site. Kanaha […]

Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum

familyThis interesting educational museum in central Maui displays various exhibits about sugarcane and the early years of Hawaii plantation life including the many different immigrant cultures who came to Hawaii to work on the sugarcane plantations. An exhibit about the production of sugarcane features a scale model of a cane crusher. The museum building itself […]

Haleki‘i-Pihana State Monument

familyThis site has panoramic views of central Maui and consists of two heiaus: Haleki‘i Heiau and Pihanakalani Heiau. Haleki‘i Heiau was rebuilt in 1958 with the goal of replicating the original structure as it looked when it was built, which is thought to have occurred around A.D. 1200. Today the lava foundations and remains of […]

Bailey House Museum

familyThis charming historic structure on the main street across from Kaahumanu Church was built for missionaries Edward and Caroline Bailey in 1833 on the former site of the Hawaiian royal compound. Lava rock and native woods including koa were used in the construction of the building which originally housed the Wailuku Female Seminary. This was […]

Ahihi Kinau Marine Preserve

familyThis secluded Marine Preserve about 7 miles south of Wailea spans from La Perouse Bay to Ahihi Bay and includes great snorkeling and scuba diving areas featuring some of Maui’s clearest blue waters. The rocky shoreline gives way to underwater coral and lava formations that make for interesting exploring. No fishing is allowed, and you […]

Kepaniwai Heritage Gardens

familyThis charming county park in central Maui includes various ethnic displays memorializing the different cultures that have played a role in the history of the Hawaiian Islands. The memorials at Kepaniwai Heritage Gardens include traditional Hawaiian dwellings of ancient times as well as the traditional homes of the people who came from Portugal, China, New […]

Keaiwa Heiau State Recreation Area

familyThis 384-acre park above Aiea north of Pearl Harbor and about 12 miles from Waikiki includes the historic Heaiwa Heiau which is near the park entrance. Further down the paved road are campgrounds as well as picnic areas and the trailhead for the Aiea Loop Trail. The 4.8-mile trail leads through a forested area above […]

Kahana State Park

familyAhupuaa O Kahana State Park is located between Laie and Kaneohe on Oahu’s windward side. The park is a traditional Hawaiian ahupuaa, which is a land division extending from the mountains to the sea and including everything needed for subsistence. Kahana Valley is one of only a few ahupuaa in the state that is owned […]

James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge

familyThis refuge near the northernmost point of Oahu was established in 1976 with the goal of providing habitat for Hawaiian waterbirds and migratory waterbirds as well as native plants that require a wetland habitat. Kahuku Point marks the end of the north shore and the beginning of Oahu’s windward coast. Just south of the point […]

Koko Crater Botanical Garden

familySet in a 60-acre basin within the landmark Koko Crater in eastern Oahu is a lovely botanical garden featuring a dryland collection of plants that is a model of xeriscape concepts supporting a drought-tolerant landscape in tune with the surrounding environment. Koko Head is known geologically as a tuff cone and forms the south-west side […]

Kawainui Marsh and Ulupo Heiau

familyKawainui Marsh is Hawaii’s largest remaining wetland encompassing 830 acres. Kawainui receives the waters from rains in the uplands of Maunawili Valley. A traditional fishpond in ancient times, Kawainui was planted with rice during the 1900s. Today Kawainui has been restored as a wetland that provides valuable habitat for Hawaii’s native waterbirds including the stilt […]

Heeia State Park and Fishpond

familyHeeia State Park is located at Kealohi Point in Kaneohe Bay on Oahu’s windward side and provides scenic views of one of Hawaii’s largest fishponds as well as Heeia-Kea Harbor. Three of Oahu’s five remaining ancient fishponds are located on Kaneohe Bay. Heeia State Park serves as an outdoor classroom for community groups. The non-profit […]

Hoomaluhia Botanical Garden

familyThis 400-acre park above Kaneohe on Oahu’s windward side lives up to its name which means “Peaceful refuge.” Hoomaluhia is Oahu’s largest botanical garden. The plants are grouped to represent major tropical growing regions including Polynesia, Melanesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and India, Africa and Tropical America. Plants at Hoomaluhia include palms and aroids, heliconias, native […]

Byodo-In Temple

familyThis attractive vermilion temple on Oahu’s windward side is set beneath the stunning Koolau mountains and overlooks Kaneohe. The temple is a full-size replica of a 900-year-old temple called Byodo-In and located in Uji, Japan. The Oahu site is also a memorial park with numerous crypts and mausoleums that are the resting places of many […]

Senator Fong’s Plantation and Gardens

familyThis lovely 700-acre tropical garden is a nature preserve and bird sanctuary that is family owned and set in a majestic location beneath the strikingly beautiful Koolau mountain range. Highlights Highlights of the Garden are 70 varieties of edible fruits and nuts as well as a palm garden with more than 80 types of palms, […]

Hawaii State Library

familyThe Hawaii State Library is housed in a historic Classical Revival style building in downtown Honolulu just to the west of Honolulu Hale. The structure serves as the central branch of the statewide library system. The library’s main building is a four-story rectangular structure with a six-story tower in the rear. The library’s entrance features […]

Snowboarding Mauna Kea Volcano

familySnowboard atop Hawaii’s Mauna Kea Volcano. For one of the most unique skiing or snowboarding experiences of your life consider an adventure to the Big Island of Hawaii and its tallest volcano called Mauna Kea, which means “White Mountain.” 10 Tips To Ensure A Safe and Thrilling Hawaii Ski Adventure 1. Best Time To Go […]

Goat Island

familyMalaekahana State Recreation Area The beach at Malaekahana is a mile-long crescent of sand bordering relatively well-protected ocean waters that are good for swimming when the surf is not too large. This is also a good beach for surfing and bodyboarding. Three campgrounds at Malaekahana are surrounded by pine trees and have camping facilities including […]

Bellows Field Beach Park

familyThis popular east side park is a great swimming beach protected by an offshore reef and a great sunbathing beach with soft, white sand. The shallow water and consistent shore break are often utilized by beginner surfers and bodyboarders. Bellows Field Beach Park usually provides calm water conditions unless the ocean waves are large. This […]

Waimanalo Bay Beach Park

familyThis classic Hawaiian beach on Oahu’s eastern shore is a great place for a long beach walk along Waimanalo Bay followed by a swim in the mostly protected, turquoise waters. Waimanalo Bay is Oahu’s longest beach stretching for more than 5 miles along the windward shore from Wailea Point to Makapuu, and with great views […]

Waimanalo Beach Park

familySet beneath the stunning Koolau mountain range, Waimanalo Beach Park is a long, sandy beach with relatively calm water unless the ocean waves are large. Ironwood trees provide some shady areas. Waimanalo Beach Park is just one of three prominent beaches on Waimanalo Bay. The other two are Bellows Field Beach Park and Waimanalo Bay […]

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

familyThis impressive crescent-shaped bay (Hanauma means “Curved Bay”) lined with lava rock ledges was formed by two sunken craters and is renowned for its myriad tropical fish. As one of Hawaii’s most popular visitor destinations, Hanauma Bay draws more than one million people each year. The sandy beach at Hanauma is nice for relaxing, but […]

Sans Souci Beach

familyThis pleasant swimming and snorkeling area at the eastern end of Waikiki is protected by a coral reef and used by many local swimmers who like to swim laps in the ocean. The Outrigger Canoe Club Beach is located just east of San Souci Beach and fronts the Outrigger Canoe Club. Great For Swimming, snorkeling, […]

Gray’s Beach

familyGray’s Beach is located just to the east (on the Diamond Head side) of the Waikiki’s Halekulani Hotel. Due to the seawall in front of the hotel, the beach may be inundated with water at high tide. Great For Sunbathing, swimming, surfing, and people watching. Highlights When visiting Gray’s Beach you will notice that there […]

Fort DeRussy Beach

familyThis 1,800-foot-long Waikiki beach is situated directly in front of the 20-acre Fort DeRussy Military Reservation which provides a recreational area for U.S. military personnel and families. Two huts along the beach here rent water sports equipment. Great For Swimming, sunbathing, surfing, and people watching. Highlights The grassy and shady areas along the beach at […]

Kahanamoku Beach

familyDirectly in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village Hotel at the western end of Waikiki, Kahanamoku Beach features a breakwater and pier with coral running between them. This provides a nice swimming area that is relatively safe for kids. The pier at Kahanamoku Beach is used to provide water taxi service for submarine cruises and […]